OnePlus 5 photos leaked heres what we got

New OnePlus 5 photos leak, raising more questions than answers
 There is no shortage of hype surrounding the One Plus 5 The latest images coming from Chinese social network Weibo (the source of a lot of leaks these days), shows what's reported to be the OnePlus 5 with dual camera setup on the rear
What's more interesting is that these photos show a device that has no antenna lines on the rear. That's the same as we've seen in some of the earlier renders, but it raises the question over whether this is a metal body, or something else. 
Metal phones need antenna lines somewhere to enable reception to the internal radios. Glass and plastic phones don't and the omission here suggests that OnePlus could be looking at glass or ceramic instead for the OnePlus 5. 
The company used ceramic for one of the OnePlus X models, but it is an expensive option. Alternatively, OnePlus might be taking the approach that LG took on the LG G5, making a metal body core and including the antenna lines