Us Andy rubins brain child hits 2Billion members he is going to launch his next mission to target the next billion people

There are several interesting Android devices in the works, and one of them is supposed to launch real soon. No, it’s not the OnePlus 5, although that one also qualifies. It’s Andy Rubin’s Essential, a flagship device that should compete directly against the iPhone 8, the Galaxy S8, and every other high-end Android handset you can think of. We don’t know many things about the Essential phone right now, other than it’s supposed to have an edge-to-edge screen and offer a feature unseen on the iPhone so far.

We got our first Essential glimpse a couple of months ago when Andy Rubin posted the image above.
Then, on Thursday, the official Essential Twitter account came online teasing something “big” for next week. Apparently, the phone should be unveiled on May 30th.
Hours later, Essential tweeted an image that shows a phone complete with a strange accessory on top. Nobody could blame you if you thought it’s a camera. It’s probably the kind of add-on that makes sense

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