Will android o will be called android Oreo here are some names we are not used daily


Android 8.0 Ontbijtkoek

Google could go with Ontbijtkoek to simultaneously win over fans in the Netherlands, while also masterfully trolling English-speaking journalists.

Android 8.0 Oliebol



Literally "oil balls," oliebollen are a type of dutch donut made by dunking dough — often mixed with currants, sultanas or candied fruit — into a deep fat frier. It's popular in the Netherlands and Belgium, particularly during the winter, while many other European countries have their own local interpretation of this sweet, doughy delight.
Oliebol earns a high score for deliciousness, while also being the right shape and size for hors-d'oeuvres, lawn statues, promotional graphics and Easter

Android 8.0 Ozark Pudding








Ozark has the look of an accidental collision of other, lesser desserts. It's also got patriotism going for it, with the pudding being a favorite of President Harry Truman. The only problem is how Google would fashion a statue of Bugdroid holding — well — a pile of nutty, fruity slop.


Android 8.0 Oreo