Pixal 2 launcher for any android running android 5.0 or up [Source:XDA]

Rootless Pixel 2 launcher for Android 5.0 - 8.1
The Pixel 2 Launcher was released not long ago. But some features only work when installed as a system app so I decided to make this.

- Enable google now and weather without installing as a system app
- Enable notification badges for M & N
- Add pull down to open notifications drawer
- Fix blue folders on Xperia devices
- Change accent color to Pixel blue
- Add circle icon shape for Nexus on stock O
- Force circle icons option
- Force colored Google logo option
- Dark theme
- Dark text theme

Here's a little video of it in action.

How to install? Simple. Just download the apk and open it. And don't forget to uninstall you old Pixel Launcher first (if you already have one).
This is only tested on 7.1.1. If this is working on other Android versions please report back.

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v3.0.1 (10/26/2017): - Fix crash on MM v3.0 (10/26/2017): - Based on Pixel Launcher 8.1.0-4348501 - Automatic dark theme (for Android 8.1) - All previous modded features v2.0 (10/21/2017): - Add option to force colored Google logo - Add option to enable dark text - Add option to disable 'At A Glance' v1.8 (10/20/2017): - Add option to force round icons v1.7 (10/18/2017): - Fix settings crash on Lollipop - Fix grid size on Moto devices - Revert "Force colored Google logo on any wallpaper" v1.6 (10/18/2017): - Improve notifications pulldown - Added an option to enable the included dark theme - Added a shortcut to enable notification access - Hide Google Now Launcher from app drawer v1.5 (10/15/2017): - Add bottom margin for devices without navigation bar v1.4 (10/15/2017): - Add support for Android 5.0 - Force colored Google logo on any wallpaper v1.3 (10/15/2017): - Fix weird crash on Galaxy S8 - Add round search bar in app drawer v1.2 (10/14/2017): - Add support for Android 7.0 - Add circle shape to icon shape selector (for Android O) - Show icon shape selector without having to enable developer options (for Android O) v1.1 (10/14/2017): - Change accent color to Pixel blue - Add pull down to open notifications drawer

Known bugs
- Date not showing on L and M
- Grey Google logo is not a bug
- White gradient is not a bug

Q: Notification badges is not working
A: Read the instructions here.

Q: It's crashing for me
A: Attach a logcat when reporting issues or it will be ignored.

Q: Weather/At A Glance not working
A: Make sure your Google app is the latest version and installed as a system app then try this.

Q: My icons are not rounded
A: It's up to your ROM to decide which one is used.

Q: It says "App not installed" when I try to change my wallpaper.
A: Install Google's Wallpapers app from Play Store.

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